Writing a note (to Schrodinger:)

(reprinted from Facebook)

That’s what Facebook tells me. Ok, here you go, i’m writing ‘a note’. Let me give you a riddle for the sake of typing some text into this freaking note:)

You are reading this. Right? You see this note. Sure! But i assure you, if you take your eyes of this note, and turn your head around, this note does not exist. It is like magic, Schrodingers note, you simply can’t proof that the note is there without looking at it. The only way to proof the existence of the note, is to take a look. If you try to trick this, you are simply looking in some sort of ‘clever’ way. E.g. you might have a camera filming the note, but you still have to look at the recording to see it. You are still looking.

Scientist don’t like this. They want things to exist without having to look at it, but if you dig deep you will come to the ultimate conclusion that this is not the case. For something to exist you have to look! And i mean YOU, because if I told you this note exists, do you believe me? Are you 100% sure i’m telling the truth. No, you can’t be 100% sure, so you have to look for yourself. There’s that YOU again. No matter how you turn it around, you are the key. Without you, no key:)

The thing is that what is true for this simple note, is true for the world, even better, it is true for the whole universe. If you close your eyes the world disappears. Everytime you go to sleep, the world disappears. You are not looking anymore, so bye bye world. Damn:)

But the good thing is, if you wake up, the world is back. And, despite what science tries to tell you, you make that happen. I mean YOU make it happen. You create the world by seeing and therefor you are the center of the world. Everything goes around you. Science tells you that you are just a speck of dust on this earth, and that the earth rotates around the sun, etc. etc. But i tell you, the world turns around you and so does the sun and, yes, the complete universe. You are the creator of this universe.

Now, what more would you want to have? Another note from me? lol:)

But wait, if you are the creator of this universe, you are also the creator of this note!? (and i thought i had written this note, but the fact is that you have created me … damn, double damn, so much for my effort in writing this note:)

So, that is the riddle, how is that possible?

— Max

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