0637 ft. Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano

The thing with ‘inspiration’ is that you never can tell when it comes, but you definitely know for sure when it is NOT around:)

(please first start the video at the botton of this blog. Don’t bother watching it, just listen to the music while reading the rest of this article, a big time saver:)

For me, piano playing is fun. There are periods that i play a lot followed by periods of not touching the instrument. I don’t like playing from ‘written down’ music, i am not good enough. I’m more just fiddling with chord progressions and stuff like that. I have a very good ‘ear’ for music. But also like ‘simplicity’. I’m the ‘Bach’ type. His simplicity is extraordinary. Bach like no other could make something majestic out of a few notes. Just listen to ‘Air on a G string’ e.g. here (not now, later;) to know what i’m talking about, and it doesn’t matter who performs ‘Air’ … even the crappiest of crap ‘performer’ will still make this tune stand out:)

So, what has all this Bach talk to do with my music? Well, if i play i HAVE TO keep it simple because my technique doesn’t allow me to be extravagant, so i HAVE TO make every note/chord count. The tune which, if i’m lucky, ‘inspiration’ hands me, has to be simple, elegant, yet moving and powerfull. I have to be able to play it myself which is a very harsh ‘filter’ and rules out 98% of music i could think of lol:) Thinking of composing a symphony, all those ‘notes’ for all those musicians, it just melts my brain. Too much ‘notes’ … i never could write all those notes down, how DO composers do that?

Anyway, so i was placing my hands in ‘d minor’ on the keyboard and forced ‘inspiration’ to do its magic. Trying to get a ‘theme’ going helped by some previous bits and pieces of chords i already have in my ‘repertoire’. Recording the stuff and created a video out of it. For keeps, because the ‘theme’ is definitely there.

At first i didn’t have a title, but now i think of something with ‘Gladiators’ as a working title. Gladiators who are about to die, saluting the emperor … (or something along those lines)


— Max


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