So Max, what about playing something in D minor?

Well, I suppose you got to start somewhere. So I placed my hands in D minor position on the keyboard and fired away. That is what I like most, just playing for the fun of it. Sometimes you hit upon a nice tune and start fiddling to get it into some sort of finished melody.

Major iterations were AudioRecording0611.wav on dec 12, 2010 (the initial free improvisation). The theme is there, it needs a lot of work. AudioRecording0637.wav on jan 17, 2010 fixed the tune. Over the weeks the tune starts to be imprinted into my fingers so I can play it anytime without fear of forgetting it. Now every performance is ‘final’. Here is one of those ‘final’ versions AudioRecording0649.wav on feb 6, 2011.

The final version has all the chord progressions in place. This version I played up-tempo, but (much) slower and dramatic performances are very possible.

So, there you have it. My answer to ‘So Max, what about playing something in D minor?’


— Max

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