100 hours online play in Medal of Honor (Xbox)

I wanted to reach the 100 hours online play in this game. I really liked the multiplayer in Medal of Honor. Basic good shooting fun. But after 4 months straight MoH multiplayer and no extra DLC (maps) I’ve reach the limit of what I can get out of this game. Still, I wanted to finish in style, so I continued to play until I had 100 hours on the clock which is a lot for me. Only Bad Company 2 I have more hours online (retail + demo + Vietnam I guess it is 130+ hours) but in Medal of Honor I’ve made more kills than in Bad Company 2:) 8020 kills and 5715 death which give a kill/death ration of 1.40 That is fine.

I’m looking forward to the next multiplayer game. I have my eyes on Crysis 2, but also on Homefront. I played the Crysis 2 demo for 15 hours. I liked that game. The single player campaign supposedly is very strong and a gfx powerhouse, even on consoles. To be seen.

So, thanks Medal of Honor, for all the hours of fun and frantic gameplay you’ve given me.

— Max

Goodbye in style

100 hours online for the record


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