Xbox 360 achievements:)

Red Ring of DeathOk, my old Xbox 360 collected 5 hardware achievements. Let’s see:

1. The DVD tray doesn’t work (had this problem from the start)
2. It was modded
3. It got banned in the Modern Warfare 2 ‘ban wave’ (I bought a new Xbox the same day:)
4. And shortly after it started to Red-Ring-Of-Death

But the boss level achievement is that

5. It was brought back to life by some unconventional methods

And not one time, no this afternoon I reanimated the Xbox for the fourth time:)

Street value of the thing is zero, and the ban partly bricked the dashboard, e.g. you can’t install games on HDD anymore and other things like that. But still, it can function as a DVD player, and it is perfect to play offline. Plenty of arcade XBL demo’s are copied to the 20 GB HDD. Cloning Clyde, Frogger, Pacman, etc …

So what was this ‘reanimate’ stuff I was doing?

Well this xbox was just standing in a corner, unused. I had the idea I would still use it to ‘try extended demos’ (in other words, torrent retail versions and play them offline to ‘check them out’) but it was too much of a hassle. Lots of games have real demo’s and the games I really like I just buy, or I wait for bargain bin prices. I’m less and less into offline stuff so although I could in theory torrent-then-play a lot of games for free, in practice I never did.

Today I decided to set it up as dvd player for kids. With some arcade demo’s to go, and they are happy. But what’s that? It is the red-ring-of-death. Some frying magic was needed once again. I went to the kitchen and took one of those isolated shopping bags (to keep frozen products cool while shopping). Went upstairs, switched the Xbox on, put the Xbox in the bag, closed the bag … and … waited. The Xbox became hot and the cooling fans started to do their work. In vain, because the Xbox became hotter and hotter, and after 30-60 minutes, it became so hot it switched itself off before it would explode or something.

I took the Xbox out of the shopping bag and switched it back on. Green lights! The Xbox works again:) For how long? That is anybody’s guess.

This ‘method’ is a variation on the towel trick

— Max

Epilogue: The recovery didn’t last long. I bought another 360 for replacement (2nd hand) and the dead one got its final achievement …

6. Being dumped:)


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