USB on Samsung Galaxy Ace

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and I wanted to transfer files from PC to the Ace over USB. I don’t like to use software for this. I don’t want Kies (the software provided by Samsung), I just want a straight USB connection from PC to the Ace, so give me a USB (mass storage) driver and let me do the rest myself. The USB driver comes with the Kies software package so I downloaded the Kies software from I installed Kies, and the USB driver with it. Then I deinstalled Kies (as said, I don’t want to use this) and just kept the USB driver.

So far so good:)

But when I connected the Ace to the PC with the USB cable I encountered the following problem. I do see a new drive letter popping up but it does not work!? After some googling I found out I have to enable something on the Ace as well. In the pull down menu (the same menu where you enable/disable Wifi etc.) you have to enable the USB connection. I don’t know why you have to perform this extra step. I presume it is for safety measures so you don’t do bad things by accident:)

Anyway, after enabling the USB on the Ace it works like a charm. A direct Ace PC connection over USB where the Ace acts as a drive in Explorer or whatever File manager you prefer (I’m a Total Commander user). Just how I like it.

Download Kies: (temporarily disabled for bandwidth reasons)

Tip from gert (see comments section): Settings -> Applications -> Development > deselect USB debugging

— Max

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76 thoughts on “USB on Samsung Galaxy Ace”

  1. Hi Maxqubit,

    I have also bought a new Galaxy Ace, however i am getting some strange problems installing the USB driver on my 32-bit windows 7 computer.

    Do you happen to have the USB driver files? because i think i will need to install them manually.
    When i connect my phone to PC , the PC tries to search for drivers for USB Android Device but fails.

    I google d up a lot and so far you seem to be the only one who had installed the ACE driver successfully.

      1. is where you will find the correct drivers for the GT.S5839i. I found it is not supported by Kies and after a 5mth battle with Samsung they have sent a courier for my phone. Whatever they resolve I will let you know. All they have to do is enable support for it in Kies. It will connect at times but a backup or sync is impossible,

    1. for samsung galaxy ace

      first step
      settings-applications-development-then untick the usb debugging
      now the sd card will display in the my computer.

      second step
      to sync ur phone to samsung kies software, u first need to install kies software in your pc.

      then in the phone do the following
      settings-wireless and network settings- tethering and protable handspot and tick the usb tethering.

      1. Hye Nijanth. Can you help me on this? I did your first step, and it did say that the installation has been completed. But then no new display in My Computer. Why like that eh?

      2. Hello, I have recently bought the samsung galaxy ace, although the phone is great, the problem is it wont connect to the internet, i followed the steps you’ve written however, the ‘usb tethering’ button isn’t ticking? do you have any advice?
        Kind Regards

      3. A MILLION THANKS to you Nijanth…!

        I only wanted to connect the phone to pc to copy files to and from SD Card. Dont like or want software programs to go along with it as i have always found them pointless/needless. The Bluetooth works perfectly with my pc but takes so long with music albums and videos.

        I ended up downloading and installing PC Studio AND Kies. none of them helped me get the phone connected and took about 40mins each time, for about 2 days since i got the phone.

        your very simple and straight forward answer to a very unnecessary problematic pain in the ass is most very welcome.. .. ..

        “first step
        settings-applications-development-then untick the usb debugging
        now the sd card will display in the my computer.”

        the memory card still never showed up on pc but all i had to do was slide down the daft hidden menu from top of the screen and click to connect mass storage.. presto..!

        Only got a Quick Start guide with this phone, downloaded the manual pdf but still no answers, there wasn’t any cd with drivers or anything, had to download those 2 above programs from websites.

        What a royal pain in the arse that was… big thumbs down to Samsung and Ace for poor instructions for something that should be so easy.

        Thanks again Nijanth…!

      4. “first step
        settings-applications-development-then untick the usb debugging
        now the sd card will display in the my computer.”

        — it didnt work. :(
        when i try to untick the usb debugging it keep tick again,,
        like this..

        what should i do??? please help…

  2. hi,
    ich hatte mit dem galaxy ace das gleiche problem und mich anfangs sehr darüber geärgert, dass bzgl usb-massenspeicher keine plug&play funktionalität gegeben ist.
    nun habe ich nach mehreren stunden doch den weg gefunden, wie es ohne Kies funktioniert.
    nach dem verbinden des handys mit dem PC muss man lediglich den USB-Debugging Modus deaktivieren:
    (Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.2.1) man gehe zu Einstellungen -> Anwendungen -> Entwicklung
    hier muss man das häkchen bei “USB-Debugging” entfernen. anschließend kommt ein popup über welches man eine USB-verbindung aktivieren kann. erst dann mountet der PC das handy automatisch als massenspeicher / wechseldatenträger.

    das ist echt nervig und unschön gelöst. auch wenn ich vom Galaxy Ace sonst bislang recht begeistert bin, dieser punkt ist richtig schöne sch****!

    viele grüße

  3. When i set my Samsung Galaxy ace to the computer with the usb caple, nothing happens. Not even a thing in the pull down menu!! And the computer says that the usb have a fail or something! What shall i do?!!!!!

      1. I had the same problem, i installed it. It worked earlier, but not, simply nothing happens.
        The phone still seems to know it’s connected, i can enable usb tethering etc.

  4. Man every time i start installing Kies it comes up with an error saying ‘dbgeng.dll’ not found..i dont know wat this is but still i downloaded this file and copied it in the installation folders. It gives the same error. I have the Kies cd aswell, can u tell the exact driver name which i can search from the cd and install only that? is that possible?

  5. i have a problem with connecting my phone to the charger and even the cable… it does not seem to recognize the charger and the connection… i was able to connect the usb with the fone before but now the phone seems to not detect anything connected to the port… but when i turn off my phone, it charges… what’s happening? what can i do?

    1. Try it on another computer/laptop, perhaps the problem is related to your computer (perhaps antivirus and/or firewall is blocking the usb connection)

  6. Hi…..I had exactly all those problems…I tried everything…just about to flash again……………..BUT at the end it was my phone micro-usb connector DIRTY. Just clean it carefully and try again..worked for me

  7. Any one please help me. I want to take backups(contacts, messages, etc..) of my ACE, but when I connect to the pc & open with “Kies” , it only shows External memory. not phone memory. How should I change the settings for open both at the same time.
    Please. thank you.

  8. hi…

    i hav got my new galaxy ace. but i am not able to connect it to the PC. it is also not showing as it is shown above in the pop up menu..kindly help me asap..

  9. When I connect my samsung ACE via USB to my computer running windows XP. The touch screen goes crazy. The menu options keep coming on and off and I am unable to scroll the notification bar on phone to enable USB sharing so I can copy files. I have all the drivers required. Device installed fine and charges via usb but I can’t do anything on phone when its connected as the touch screen becomes unresponsive. Any help is highly appreciated.

    Samsung Kies just suck balls. I tried kies air as well. It takes forever to load music, photos. keep dropping connection.

    I coming from blackberry. I miss the customization options on BB that android lacks.

  10. hi guyz i hav a samsung galaxy ace, wen i instal skies i get this error “syncService.dll Register error” this results in skies not working.when i connect am told tha skies does not recognise my device.pliz help

  11. Hey, I’ve installed Kies [and the PC Studio], but Kies is saying that my SD card is full [its not full, I haven’t put anything on it yet…] when I try to copy stuff on to it, Any ideas on how I can sort this out

    1. Go to “Settings” >> Applications >> Development >>Tick on USB Debugging. Then plug in your phone to PC via USB cable. You should see memory card drive in my computer, just copy your files like you would to a pen drive.
      Just a suggestion, copy all the files and folders off of sd card for your backup. Just in case anything goes wrong.

      1. If have the same problem Leigh has described. I installed Kies to get the drivers. I tried it on several PCs, all running XP. I can see the ACE SD card, can copy files from it to the PC, but cannot copy anything to the ACE SD Card: it shows it is full! Regardless if debugging is on or off.
        Went to the store, they tried it on an PC running Linux/Unbuntu and no problem at all. Seems to be something related to XP.
        Anybody who had the same problem and solved it?

  12. hi..i m also using samsung galaxy ace but i cant install kies on my pc whenever i try to run it..its shows msg no internet connection plz tell me how to install it??

  13. USB not connecting – SOLUTION Samsung Galaxy ACE

    Hi guys,
    I hope this saves everyone else a lot of stress and time.

    FIRST ISSUE: My Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread) would not connect to my PC (desktop) via USB even after installing and the reinstalling Kies off the cd and then off the web. I kept getting “USD device not recognised” – tried a blackberry cable which did kind of work – BUT I then plugged the Samsung USB Cable into a back USB port on my desktop and suddenly everything worked fine (probably some power – data issue with the front usb ports). SO connectivity sorted.

    NOTE: Web-searches indicated there should be a “USB Utilities” menu under Applications – Wireless and Network” BUT if it is NOT there apparently Android 2.3+ does NOT have this menu so don’t stress and freak out like I did. SO once the phone can connect via usb to the pc (Windows XP) A “USB Connected” notification and USB symbol will appear in the status bar – once you drag that down you should be offered an option to “select to copy files to/from computer.” – then the green Android Man magically appears and there is a “Connect Storage to PC” button – press okay if you get a usb access warning message thingy. The Android man goes orange and voila your computer should see your SD card as a drive (also if you read about turning off “USB debugging” under – applications – development… mine doesn’t stay off, it seems to turn itself back on automatically, however, but still seems to connect – another NOTE – KIES will only connect my phone if USB debugging is activated).

    NEXT ISSUE: My PC (Windows XP) kept telling me the 2GB SD Card was FULL (in KIES and EXPLORER) – even though I had maybe 100MB on it . I could however copy files across via Bluetooth which does take a while. SOLUTION: back-up apps and files on SD card to phone or computer using KIES or via BLUETOOTH (with the ace I had to go into each folder and press menu – select “more” and manually make files visible via “bluetooth visibility”). THEN connect via USB to the PC and format the SD Card via WINDOWS and that then gets rid off the no “Free Space” problem – allowing access to the SD Card.

    A bit long winded but it took me a good day of internet searching and hairpulling to sort this out – so I hope I have saved someone else from that..

  14. In Windows 7 didnt need to install Kies. Just turned off usb debugging in the cellphone and it is working now.
    Why they sell the phone with this damned option checked? Is this a problem of Samsung or Android 2.3?

  15. Due to course of Firmware updating I have some how deleted the USB software of my Galaxy Ace. Now the the phone is not going to data transfer mode when connected to computer. What to do???? Please help.

  16. DID it with no software..

    First step

    Turn OFF phone, connect the usb to the phone, turn ON phone…..

    Second step
    settings-applications-development-then untick the usb debugging

    Third step

    In the pull down menu (the same menu where you enable/disable Wifi etc.) you have to enable the USB connection.

    green android comes up, select yes to connect usb…man turns ORANGE.

    look at your computer …can you see a new device….OH YES!

    1. That could be so. On a new WIN7 computer I think the same happened to me (works without software/drivers) at that moment that puzzled me;) Perhaps it is a WIN7 thing and doesn’t work on XP? Dunno.

      Anyway, I did install Kies (+driver) but that was to upgrade the firmware.

    2. Hey …Thanks Bro ..i was trying this from last 1 week but not working …. finally i followed your steps and it connect …

  17. I’m having trouble getting Mass Storage to work as well. I have to go through a convoluted song/dance routine to get the thing to work.
    Turn Phone On, Turn Phone Off, Plug cable in, plug cable out, plug cable in other end (incase something weird with USB OTG), uninstall Android Device from Device Manager, Settings | Applications | Development | USB Debug Mode untick (which then repeatedly reticks itself)
    Dismiss the New Hardware Found Dialog box. Orange man goes orange for 0.2 seconds then green again.

    WTZ ? With my old Nokia, I just plug in a USB cable and the SD card just appears.

    I manage to get the orange man to stay orange about 1 time in 20, but most of the time, pressing “Connect Storage to PC” just does nothing.

    Has anybody managed to work out a reliable sequence of events to get this thing to work ?

    I particular, there seems to be some confusion as to whether USB Debug Mode is supposed to be on or off. Some sources say it must be OFF, Other sources say it must be ON, because that’s what Debug Mode is – a synonym for mass storage (!?)

    For what it’s worth, my experience is that you have to get the tick to stay off.

    1. I did check again and noticed something funny. If I set debug=OFF, and connect the usb cable, it automatically sets Debug=ON(!) … so, I don’t think it matters. Just set it to Debug=ON

      That said, I still have to go through the Pull-down-window > Click ‘USB connected’ > Click ‘Connect storage to PC’ (green man) > Click ‘OK’ > … wait a few secs … and get ‘USB storage in use’ (orange man) … and ONLY NOW the mass storage is available as a drive letter on my computer.

      (I have windows 7, with both Kies and the driver installed. There are rumours that you don’t need them in Win7 to get it working, but I can’t verify that)

      Hope this helps

      — Max

      PS: Perhaps you have too many USB devices connected? That can lead into strange on-off behavior of connected devices

      1. I have Windows XP and have never installed kies. The whole point of a mass storage device for me is the ability to plug it into any computer, not one that has to have 50+M of supporting software installed.

        I’ll try and get a proper set of repeatable sequential instructions and report back. I suspect that I have to power the phone down-then-up to be able to use mass storage.

  18. this one worked for me – thanks for the tips.

    DID it with no software..

    First step

    Turn OFF phone, connect the usb to the phone, turn ON phone…..

    Second step
    settings-applications-development-then untick the usb debugging

    Third step

    In the pull down menu (the same menu where you enable/disable Wifi etc.) you have to enable the USB connection.

    green android comes up, select yes to connect usb…man turns ORANGE.

    look at your computer …can you see a new device….OH YES!

  19. My computer’s OS is Windows 7 but can’t read my samsung galaxy ace. Samsung kies and USB driver are already installed on my PC but is still not working. I already tried unchecking the USB Debugging in Applications>Development but still doesn’t work. What shall i do?

  20. heyyyyyyyyy guys its works 1st step put connect ur wire to pc then go setting-application-devlopment……

    then untick debug then slide down hide menu from mobile and click on “USB CONNECTED” then click on “CONNECT USB STORAGE” ……..done enjoY

  21. I have followed various people’s advice above and managed to get the usb connected and the phone recognised, and can see it in Windows explorer. However, what I want to do is get some music files copied from my PC to my phone. I synced them using some weird programme that appeared on my PC (Media Espresso – anyone heard of it?). It did copy the music files to the phone, but it put them in a Music folder, rather than in the Music app, if that is what that bit is called. The files in the music folder do not play. Does anyone know what I should do? It does seem wrong that we all have to spend hours on the internet searching for solutions to something that should be simple, and not everyone is technically minded. Thank you.

  22. Thanks, I have downloaded Kies app, and I like how it works. I am amazed how I can connect to my Ace by typing address in browser at PC. I can even see my messages haha And reply, but haven’t tried yet.
    Thank you Max!

  23. Hi Guys… I have a frustrating problem… I have downloaded all applicable stuff to update my phone in order to put new firmware on it with Russian language…, but when I put the phone in download mode, and then connect the USB cable (With odin running) odin cannot detect the phone. If I am not in download made, the PC detecs the phone no problem as long as I turn the phone on after it is plugged in. (this is because the phone runs a media scan as it is booting up, and the phones media scan finds or makes the connection through smasung keis software). Unfortunately, the media scan never runs when the phone is in download mode… Any ideas… I feel like I am SOOOOO CLOSE!!! How to get the phone to communicate with the computer in download mode!!!! ARRRGGG
    Thanks in advance… Ian :) (PS… if anyone has the Ace GT-s5830M “Latin version”, the download made can be achieved by pressing volume up & volume down together, and the power on button at the same time… It will not work if you just press volume down, middle key, and power button… Hope that helps some frustrated souls )

  24. Hi Guys I wonder when someone starts to seriously complain about Samsung and the way they treat their customers. All thought the mobiles are good it is no good to have a good mobile without a software ot a back up, they need to start realizing it is not about sales of phones or handsets but also about providing customer service…just watch how many people will start returning to Iphone

  25. Thank you thank you thank you! I kept getting an error message about it not being able to install the drivers, but after reading about having to manually enable the USB, I’m now up and running.

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