What’s that? Yeah right, at my shop a new IBM iSeries arrived. But my PHP scripts wouldn’t work. The db2_connect just failed to, you know, connect. And Google failed to provide me with a quick solution, as there are appearently not many ppl in the same situation as me. But keywords ‘database’ (obvious) and ‘remote’ (from googling) sounded some bells in the back of my head. I remembered some configuration stuff I had done years ago. Remote databases, and some entries to get things working. What was that command? … WRKRDBDIRE … ahh, there is the villain. The *LOCAL entry was filled with a default name set by the supplier. Deleting that name and setting my own … and PRESTO, my PHP scripts with DB2 once again fly, and 10x faster, because that was the reason we got this new iSeries in the first place:)

— Max


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