Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn framed? (option C)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the IMF and possibly going for president in the 2012 french presidential elections was taken into custody on accusation of rape. This, and especially the american way it was done, shocked the french, and I presume also surprised many other europeans. Like you were watching an american movie but now it was real.

The french were shocked because they couldn’t believe this was happening. Rape, and possibly 70 years of imprisonment. Sure, DSK has an history of being a women chaser but could he behave like a beast as it is presented now? Lots of french are hesitant to believe this and therefor quickly talked about the possibility that DSK was framed. Framed, but why and by who? Well maybe because of his function in the IMF, the IMF making some very important and very costly decisions concerning a.o. Greece. Who knows.

In general, people, me included, came up with 2 options:

A. He did it. He raped an innocent chambermaid. 100% pure sexual act, nothing more nothing less
B. He was framed. Reasons, motif and by who … unknown, but possibly connected with french politics and/or IMF

Initially I had a strong feeling for option B. But I soon realized there are weak points in B. If he was framed for IMF/political reasons, the framing would be very difficult to plan, getting the right girl at the right time at the right location and DSK still would have to make his move. Lots of uncertainties, not really a rock solid fail safe plan. My conclusion? Option B ‘Framed’ (because of politics/IMF) is out.

That would leave option A. DSK as a 100% rapist. Difficult to imagine this. It could not have been premeditated because the story is that the girl entered by accident and DSK was in the shower. So DSK would have changed into a rapist/beast just by seeing that chambermaid? Well, he is a man, and it is possible. But I ask you, is it likely? Even when we know DSK as a women chaser? My view is that I think this scenario is possible but has severe weak points. You would have to proof that DSK could turn into a rapist in mere seconds without premeditation.

So with both A and B not fully compatible/happy with the facts we know (and I know just as much/little as you) it started to dawn on me that there is a third option, option C which is more compatible with the (little) facts as we now know. I will paint a possible scenario which you (as reader) can put over the facts and you can check yourself if you see any weak points, if it holds up.

You have to ask yourself, is the following story compatible with the facts as we know it and will it hold up the coming days/weeks.

– – –

Option C: DSK did it, but also was framed … by the girl. Not for politics, but for money

The girl only lived some years in the USA and only worked some months in the hotel as a chambermaid. Her brother lived longer in the USA and has a shop. Both are not rich. The USA is a country with a judicical system where a lot of lawsuits are settled, for big sums of money. Much more money than we are used to in Europe. Now suppose the brother and the sister would muse over the idea of making a lot of money. And they would come up with the idea of framing a rich man for some severe act which then would be settled for a (large) sum of money. What act? Rape. Were to find rich men? In a luxurious hotel. How can you ‘meet’ those rich men? Well, not by just walking in, but you could try to get to work there. What kind of work? Chambermaid would be pretty much perfect.

So the sister applies for the job and works as a chambermaid. Now she only has to trick a ‘rich man’ into the trap. Come on to him, make him rape her, get him arrested, a lawsuit to follow but without a conviction but instead a settlement for a large sum of money.

So she ‘accidentally’ enters the room of some ‘rich man’ and with him just out of the shower she lets him getting exited. Probably she didn’t pick DSK, she just went for some ‘rich guy’ who just happened to be DSK. DSK as a womenizer can’t resist and comes on to her and she plays along. Then things turn nasty as she start to play out her real motif, getting raped.

This is compatible with the fact that she claims to have been raped (of course that is what she needs for a settlement with lots of money) and he claiming that there was just some mild stuff going on. In this scenario DSK really DID do something but also was framed without realizing it. Some mild sex turning into a nasty ‘rape’. And what can DSK do but settle? He is guilty after all, he did touch the girl. But the ‘rape’ was her idea.

– – –

Now this is only my option C scenario. What you and I should do is check if this scenario holds up over time. I think the girl (and her brother) should really be investigated to see if anything comes up. E.g. why did she apply for the hotel job? Why did she enter the room? Is there any indication that she and/or her brother ever muzed about this kind of framing setup? Stuff like that.

The fun thing with option C is that the girl probably didn’t know DSK, she thought him to be just a simple rich man. Afterwards she realizes who he is. That puts her into a real awkward situation because suddenly the whole world is watching this, including me.

Anyway, to be 100% clear (call it a ‘disclaimer’), I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. I wasn’t there. There are only 2 people who really know what happened. DSK and the girl, and in option C there is even only 1 person who really knows it all. The girl.

My blog post is just a musing. Trying to solve a puzzle pretending I’m Monk or Columbo:)

— Max


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