This free utility worked like a charm and saved me a lot of trouble.

On my old but trusty and very lean windows XP computer I wanted to upgrade the C: drive containing the Windows XP OS. It was a 80GB IDE Western Digital and I had a much newer 500GB SATA Seagate spare. So how do you replace the C: drive contaning the OS without the trouble of reinstalling everything? Well, I googled some and discovered that this process is called ‘Cloning’. A very good read was this Beginners Guides: Cloning WindowsXP article. The article explained the basics and pointed me to the HDClone tool.

HDClone was just what I needed. Although it didn’t work directly from XP (because of some locks) It worked when I burned the selfbooting version on a cd, just as the help text advised.

About 1,5 hours later the 80GB were transferred to the new 500GB drive. Disconnecting the 80GB IDE HDD and booting the computer saw XP starting from the new 500GB SATA drive. Yes, faster and more space, just what I wanted. Some software had to be re-registered because the system signature had changed, but I encountered no other ‘problems’. After 8 years of work, the old 80GB IDE HDD will be shelved, collecting dust and might even be binned. I mean 80GB, now c’mon:)

HDClone 4 gets a 10/10 (fantastic helpfull free utility)

— Max


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