Sending SMS does not work

My parents bought a new mobile phone, a smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace. Sending and receiving SMS is much more comfortable on a smartphone with a large screen and a virtual keyboard, than on a small mobile phone. The cumbersome method of typing on such a small device is good for youngsters but getting a 70+ aged person doing that is a daunting task. So, a smartphone, that should solve the SMS typing troubles. Or so I thought because after placing the SIM card from the old mobile phone into the new shiny Ace some things were not working properly.

The first test run went well. I did send a SMS from my phone to the Ace of my parents and ‘tinggggg’ there it was. Now we tried a reply from the Ace back to my phone, but on sending the status said ‘failed’. Huh, failed, why is that? How can a phone receive SMS but not send SMS?

I googled some and found that one of the possibilities why this can happen is that the SMS phonenumber in the ‘message center’ (or a setting like this) could be wrong. I checked the setting and indeed the number appeared to be wrong for whatever reason. A zero was missing. Correcting this made everything working properly. The SMS could be send.

So there you have it. If ever you experience the problem of being able to receive SMS but not being able to send SMS, do (also) check the ‘message center’ setting.

— Max


2 thoughts on “Sending SMS does not work”

  1. If there is a need to reset or change the message center..what is the correct number/s.. I am residing in the Phils.

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