Samsung Galaxy Ace auto-rotation does not work

Today the auto-rotation of my Samsung Galaxy Ace stopped working. Clearing memory, rebooting the Ace, nothing helped. ‘Try calibrating’ somebody suggested during a google search. But ‘Parameters > Display > Horizontal calibration’ didn’t help, even worse it completely froze the Ace. ‘please wait a moment …’ yeah right, it just froze. Instead of holding the on/off button very long to reboot I decided to be more blunt. I just took out the battery pack. And then finally I had some luck because after re-inserting the battery and booting the Ace the auto-rotation functioned as normal. So the receipt for this problem is as follows:

Device: Samsung Galaxy Ace
Problem: Auto-rotation does not work
Solution: Take out and then re-insert the battery and boot the device

– Max


25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Ace auto-rotation does not work”

  1. Thanks Man you are genius, I hav similar problem and calibrating was just freezing up I used your solution inserted battery again and Thanks God its all right.

  2. Guys , taking out the battery doesn’t work ! I suppose it works only in some cases when the devises restores factory settings itself ! What you should do is calibrate in Horizontal Calibration menu ! Just lean the devise back a few degrees and press calibrate and it works ! If you dont succeed the first time , make some more attemps and i’m sure you will make it !!! ;) Cheersssss ! ;)

  3. I have tried taking out the battery restarting calibrating and shaking it up but nothing works…… I only had the phone about a month now…… its frustrating when I have to text and to show my pics :(

  4. dude i had that problem but what u do is…
    -go to setting
    -make sure that the auto-rotate box is ticked .
    it may be that u accidentally un-ticked it. =] i know u fixed the problem but just for next time

  5. The solution is to make sure auto rotation is ticked in Settings/ Display. Whilst in the same menu, scroll down to Horizontal calibration, click on it, lay your phone face up on a flat surface then click on Calibrate.

  6. Auto Rotation stopped working for me even though the Auto Rotation box was ticked. I just unticked and then ticked and it started working again. Worth a try

  7. Thank you. Same problem, couldn’t auto rotate. Re calibrated and it worked first time. Thanks

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