Where Eagles Dare (1968)

I like this movie ‘Where Eagles Dare’. This is a great action movie, with shining stars like Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. The opening title music composed by Ron Goodwin is absolutely fantastic.

Last summer I saw it during holiday, on a small tv, with bad analog reception, noisy b/w signal. But I still was glued to the screen, and my wife was wondering what the **** I was watching:)

Anyway, must see movie!

— Max

imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065207
must read: http://thisislandrod.blogspot.com/2010/04/where-eagles-dare-1968.html


9 thoughts on “Where Eagles Dare (1968)”

  1. Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton, two of my favorite actors. We don’t have that movie in our home cinema collection (around 300 DVDs so far, so there’s room for another movie I suppose ;) ), so I think we will follow your recommendation. Although…that blonde SS guy sure looks like the typical Hollywood German Cartoon Nazi fellow… :P

    1. In my blogpost I recommended de ‘must read’ link, but my advice is to read it AFTER seeing the film. One of the highlights of WED is the plot, and you don’t want to read the plot before hand.

      Have fun watching this movie. (and see you on the battlefield in BF3 and MW3 later this year)

  2. So we watched the movie yesterday and we enjoyed it :) The guessing about who’s who and who has what in mind in the operation was a strength of the movie and Burton and Eastwood performed well, as expected ;)
    We were really surprised because our Blu Ray Player (which is considered a top one in its class and even beyond) did an amazing job with the up-scaled 1080p picture. Most of the time it was crisp, sharp and clear and didn’t look like the old movie it actually is, so that was great as well. The story is a bit on the logic-lite side and we will drive much more carefully now with our Mercedes…knowing how easily German cars can explode (that was really a bit overdone in the movie but I suppose that could be said about many movies from that time). All in all we had a nice DVD evening – thanks :)

  3. Have you seen Sam Peckinpah’s ‘Cross of Iron’, starring James Coburn as Unteroffizer Feldwebel [Sgt], James Mason as Oberst [Col] Commanding Officer and Maximilian Schell, as the die hard Prussian Aristocrat who asked for a posting to the Russian front in order to win an Iron Cross. It is like everything else, you need to ‘suck it and see’, but in my humble opion a great film and the photography is fantastic, with some action scenes dropped into slow motion when all becomes very visceral.
    The acting is extremely good as the Germans face up to the fact that they will lose their fight to keep on the Kuban Peninsular. Very thought provoking as to how the different characters view the whole sorry mess.

    1. A long time ago I did watch CoI. This summer, while on vacation I thought I should watch CoI again because I remember it as great movie with a different perspective and a very Sam Peckinpah style (which is great)… So your post is spot on:) Thx for the heads-up! Max

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