Rules and Exceptions

Every rule eventually runs into having exceptions. These exceptions expose the limitations of the rule. Show that the rule is flawed. Can there be an flawless rule? A rule which is always true, a ‘rule of everything’. What scientists refer to as a ‘Theory of Everything’ aka ToE. Or what religion is after when they refer to God. Something flawless.

I have never seen such a rule. Maybe I was looking in the wrong direction. I was searching for this rule, but I start to think, or better realize, that the only stable solution to this is that there is NO rule. No rule telling me what to do. No ToE telling the universe how to behave, and no God ‘looking after’ this world.

If there is no rule then everything becomes an exception. And when EVERYTHING is an exception, everything is normal. So even the weirdest thing is still ‘normal’ because there is no rule to obey. We might say that something is ‘not normal’ but only because we pretend there is a rule. A rule we made up ourselves. Like gravity. An apple falling of a tree does not ‘obey’ the laws of gravity. It does its thing regardless of us thinking there is a ‘law of gravity’. Before Newton, apples also reached the ground without any problem, no training, no obeying, no rules, no nothing. We might think there must be some hidden rules, rules which ARE obeyed but which we have not yet discovered. But my feeling is that we are chasing rainbows. A rainbow is a fantastic spectacular thing to see, but it is an optical illusion. There is no ONE rainbow. Everyone sees his of her own rainbow. And if you want to reach the rainbow you will notice that you can’t, it is an optical illusion, it is not really there.

There is no rule, so how can you break one? … When I drive too fast I appear to have broken some ‘rule’ and I get a speeding ticket. Apples never get speeding tickets:)

— Max


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