Free Toccata (Grand Piano)

It’s a bit of a gamble to play this, record it and put it online. Because there is a fine line between ‘good’ music and chaotic nonsense and I sure was walking that fine line:)

Audio Recording 1135, recorded on september 20, 2011

This has to be be my weirdest piece to date. Totally going for the sound of the (albeit virtual) piano’s, I went for the bass notes and staccato playstyle. Freely hammering away I played for 7+ minutes. Also recorded the midi. Which was a good thing because halfway during play I was interupted by a phonecall from my daughter. With one hand on the phone and the other on the keys I said ‘I am busy playing’ and hung up. Finished playing. Checked the midi recording and deleted those 4 bars of ‘phone call interuption’. Ran the edited midi through the VSTi grand pianos again, but now on 132% speed and voila … You have been warned … Free Toccata.


— Max


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