Looking For Klaus (Synth)

Inspired by a chat with a friend from Germany I fired up my computer with some virtual synths. Gave it a go and had to come up with a title. Klaus Schulze, the famous german synth master came into my mind …

About the song

Played live, RAW recording, no extra editing (only some normalizing) so i’ll be excused for the possible ‘mistakes’ one might detect. It’s (ambient) electronic, intentionally a bit long (7 minutes) because while i was playing i remembered the music from Klaus (Schulze) and others which were really long tracks. I simply hit the record button and fired away, only spend the 7 minutes or so (+ some minutes compressing to mp3 and uploading to soundclick) on it … don’t kill me for this ‘lack of polish’. Enjoy and i hope you like this ‘on the fly’ recording:)

— Max


One thought on “Looking For Klaus (Synth)”

  1. I do like it, nice background for my last whiskey on Christmas eve but I can’t remember what may have you inspired to this recording…how is the saying? Whisky is the answer, but I can’t remember the question. ;)

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