AMD VISION Engine Control Center does not work

I have a Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1GB, with AMD Catalyst Software Suite Version 11.12 installed on my computer (windows 7, 64 bit). It contains the AMD VISION Engine Control Center with which you can control several settings. If I right-click on the desktop it shows as first choice this VECC. However, some days ago it stopped working. I could click the menu item but after some pause nothing happened. What the heck was the matter?

Googling led to several possible cures, but none did help. The uninstall/install thingy didn’t work. Even when the uninstall was very clean. However some google find pointed me at another direction. The event log. And sure enough there were messages to be found. But all unreadable techo babble. Nevertheless some guy talking about this event log said something about .Net files missing. And sure, the event log did indicate something like that (at least I could see some words with .Net reference in that list of cryptic logging). So, I decided to have a look at .Net stuff installed on my computer. In the end I found out my Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1 was uninstalled on my computer. After enabling it again the VECC returned to function. The menu option to dis/enable this is to be found in: Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off > Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1

System: Windows 7 HP, 64 bit, SP1
Problem: AMD VISION Engine Control Center does not work
Solution: Enable Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1

— Max


7 thoughts on “AMD VISION Engine Control Center does not work”

  1. Just upgraded Catalyst from 11 to 12 and CCC stopped working. Tried your remedy but no luck. Will try the uninstall/reinstall route.

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