Just another friday evening session (aka Sarah) (Synth)


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About the song:

On late friday evenings, after a week of working at the office, I’m still awake while my wife and kids are asleep. In the livingroom it is quiet, the tv hums in the background and the cold darkness outside does make me appreciate the warm room. Too early to go to bed. The keys are waiting. Headphones at the ready, no noise to be made cause everybody else is asleep. The virtual synths are launching, the drums are firing. I keep it simple, trying to sync with the rythm. Yes, I’m a piano man but I have a great fondness for the warm sweeping synth pads. Perhaps the harmonies do remind of other songs. Could be, but I just string chords together. After 4 minutes it is over. It is good enough for keeps. It is not perfect but it expresses my joy of ‘just making music’.


— Max


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