Game of the Goose (Alternative ‘Max Qubit’ Ruleset)

I played this game tonight with my son (8 years), but I never know the exact rules so I decided to invent my own set of rules which worked out remarkably well. Much better than the original rules, whatever the exact rules may be. So what are the rules:

  1. Use 1 dice
  2. Throw 6 -> you can throw again
  3. Land on a goose -> go back to the previous goose
  4. Land on the dice -> you can throw again
  5. Land on a bridge -> go forward to the next goose
  6. Land on the tombstone/dead goose (58) or waterpit (31) -> start from the beginning
  7. Land on jail -> skip 1 throw
  8. Land on another player -> that other player has to go back to the previous goose
  9. To finish/win you have to land exactly on 63 otherwise count back the extra steps

Combinations of above rules are possible. E.g. rule 2 + rule 7 = another throw and skip 1 throw = nothing happens. E.g. rule 4 + rule 2 = You have 2(!) throws. E.g. rule 3 + rule 8 = Suppose player 1 is on goose 32 and you are on 30, you throw 2, you go to 32, now you both have to go back to goose 27.

The good/fun thing about this rule set is the fact that landing on a goose sets you back a bit. This plus rule 9 make it that you will land much more often on the tombstone/dead goose and also on the waterpit, so you have to start over again.

Example: Suppose you are on 62. When you throw 6 you will (by counting back) end on the tombstone/dead goose and thus have to start over again. Throwing 5 will make you land on goose 59 which sets you back to goose 54 and so you have to pass the tombstone/dead goose again(!) … This add much to the tension and fun (and even mild frustrations if you hit another tombstone:)

You will be surprised how many times you end up as a dead goose/tombstone or in the waterpit.


— Max

Nederlands – Ganzenbord met alternatieve spelregels:

  1. Gebruik 1 dobbelsteen
  2. Gooi je 6 -> dan mag je nog eens gooien
  3. Kom je op een gans -> ga terug naar de vorige gans
  4. Kom je op de dobbelstenen -> dan mag je nog eens gooien
  5. Kom je op de brug -> ga door naar de volgende gans
  6. Kom je op de grafsteen/dode gans (58) of in de waterput (31) -> ga helemaal terug naar het begin
  7. Kom je in de gevangenis -> sla 1 beurt over
  8. Kom je op een andere speler -> deze andere speler moet terug naar de vorige gans
  9. Om te winnen moet je precies op 63 komen anders moet je de extra stappen terugtellen

Combinaties van bovenstaande regels is mogelijk. B.v. regel 3 + regel 8 = Stel speler 1 staat op gans 32 en jij staat op 30, je gooit 2, je gaat naar 32, maar nu moeten jullie beiden terug naar gans 27.


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