Cloning a windows 7 partition from HDD to SSD and making it boot

Recently I bought a 256GB SSD (Crucial M4) to be used in my PC with a 512GB HDD running Windows 7. I wanted to keep the Windows installation, I didn’t want to reinstall all my software (reinstall being the default advice given by many). The way to do this is by ‘cloning’. The catch is that cloning normally works only when you clone a smaller disk to a bigger disk. But as my specs indicate, my HDD was bigger than my SSD so a direct clone was not possible. Yes, you could ‘shrink’ your data, but I didn’t want to do that … all this tiresome moving of data and stuff … no, I wanted something more direct. In my case that was possible because I had partitioned the HDD in 2 partitions. The C drive contaning Windows 7 of 60GB, and a D drive containing data and stuff of 450GB. So I wanted to clone ONLY the C drive to the SSD. I used EASEUS Partition Master to do this. No problem but when swapping the HDD with the SSD the thing wouldn’t boot (because you loose information when you clone only a single partition like the MBR stuff. Btw, you don’t have this problem when you clone the whole disk). You have to make this cloned partition on the SSD bootable. And you can do this by ‘repairing’ the installation with your Windows 7 DVD. Just put the dvd in the pc, let it boot from this dvd and choose ‘repair’. The cloned partion becomes bootable and after reboot the sytem comes up just nicely.

So in short, if you want to clone your Windows 7 partition from HDD to SSD, do as follows:

– Clone the partition
– Then repair this cloned partition with the Windows 7 DVD

Note: A myriad of other settings like ‘Trim’ and ‘Alignment’ were ok in my case, but you should check those yourself if you go from HDD to SSD by cloning, just to be sure.

— Max


One thought on “Cloning a windows 7 partition from HDD to SSD and making it boot”

  1. I found a much better solution: It is called Macrium Reflect and it is free. You can clone just the partitions you need and the result will boot. No repair needed.

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