I bought a second hand Sanyo Xacti E60 (6MP) for 27,50 euro incl shipment. This camera replaces my beloved Sanyo Xacti J2 (3MP) which I dropped into the river Dordogne 2 years ago. While I now have a Nikon D5100 (previously the D60) and a Canon S95, I still missed the simplicity and ‘fast’ point-and-shoot affair of the Sanyo Xacti. You see, the J2 and now the E60 do not have a lens which extends (extending is slow). Furthermore I liked the way I could set the Xacti to focus at far (infinity) which makes focussing more quick. I wanted that back. I always did shoot good pictures with the J2, and for less than 30 euro’s I have the same idea back, now even jumping from 3MP (J2) to 6MP (E60). 30 euro’s is a bargain because … well judge yourself, my first ‘test shots’ this afternoon. This will do nicely. I mean, we (photographers) know that the ‘shot’ comes first with specs only in second place. Give a no-talent a full frame DSLR and he/she still makes terrible shots:) Not to say I’m a ‘pro’, I’m not, but I do know that the ‘shot’ comes first. So there you go.

Shot with Sanyo Xacti E60, 18.9 mm (114 mm on 35 mm scale), f/4, ISO 100, 1/105 sec, JPG (2012)


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