No Hud in Far Cry 3

You play Far Cry 3? If you don’t you should, because it is a great free roam game. And you love Far Cry 3? But you hate the immersion breaking non removeable HUD? You want more immersion, like me? Well, as it now stands there is no option to turn off the HUD(*) and after some google I found out that lots of gamers ask for a NO HUD option but it could take a while until UBI (not likely) will patch it or somebody will mod it. But hey, you want to play and enjoy Far Cry 3 NOW! And with the best immersion as possible.

Well … I decided on the most basic of tricks I could think of. Just stick a black post-it (self made:) over the HUD radar minimap. It looks dumb, doesn’t it. It looks silly. It looks like the ‘poor men’ solution … but you know what. It WORKS! It actually works wonders. Your brains just do not pay attention to this black square. My guess is that black works best. Black does not contain information so the brain starts to neglect it after 10 second of staring at it. Neglecting a black square is easy, but neglecting a minimap with moving icons and stuff is a pain. Even if YOU want to neglect the minimap, your brains won’t. So you have to help your brains a bit and hide the info. It works, you can fool your brain, and it adepts itself amazingly quickly.

So, you want more ‘immersion’ in Far Cry 3. And you want it NOW? … Just try my little trick. See for yourself.

I play on hard (this settings is actually not that difficult), with as less aid as possible. I decided to only use a few skills. I want to play this game slightly ‘underpowered’ so to keep on my toes. It is a great game. At the moment, I really do like the Bow. You actually need some skill to kill at distance, but very doable.

Anyway, try my litle trick and enjoy Far Cry 3. Happy gaming.


(*) A real fix (albeit pc only) is given by BenderIsPlaying in this YouTube video. He is using a hexeditor to edit the files. I will try this later today myself. I had a little conversation with BenderIsPlaying:

Max Qubit:
Great! Will try this tonight. Btw, I do like your style. The ‘do it yourself’ approach. Top! (I couldn’t bring myself to burn hours on this, although I skimmed the exe) … lol, I then decided to use a post-it (search google ‘no-hud-in-far-cry-3’) But, hey if this fix works I don’t need no post-it anymore:) Thx

Well if all fails, I can always upload the files – but its always better to do it yourself – I dont know about this game, but in other games, files differ, and if you take a file from somebodies Game, it might be different at certain points (maybe not the Case in FarCry), esp. when you take a file for example from a German Version and apply it to an English Version. But I think its not the case in this Game. Thanks for Watching :)

Max Qubit:
Btw, with the ‘do it yourself’ I was referring to you:) You (like me and kzillion others) do want a NO HUD solution. But instaed of being a crybaby and waiting for a Ubi patch you decided to ‘do it yourself’ … That is what I really like about your style! (so be proud;)

Oh nice, thanks :) I thought you were talking about the instructions, lol. Yeah, sometimes you cannot rely on the Developers to change something. And yeah I wasnt crying at all, instead I went at it right away – thats how it goes, never give up, impossible is nothing. So thanks again.

Max Qubit:
Tried it and it works (no surprise for you;) I guess the HideUIElement is for taking screenshots. The HUD is, as you said, completely gone. So imho you have to play it a bit with HUD first to know which key/button (I use 360 controller on pc) to press, like (X) for open door etc, because it doesn’t prompt you anymore. A QTE (like animal attack) is a bit more cumbersome. You have to smash a button. I have seen (B) as well as (X) iirc. Anyhow, thx again very much for the pointer to get a NO HUD.

Yeah – problem is, the Keys might not always be the same – if a Tiger has you in grip, it is “Melee” to plunge your knife into him, but I got eaten by one once, because I pressed a bunch of buttons. I think it mostly is “Action” or “Melee”. I remember ResidentEvil 4, which had a bunch of Buttons which CHANGED EVERYTIME you failed a Quicktime event – so even when you tried to remember the Buttons, they were different each try, that sucked balls. Esp. coz some Buttons were labeled incorrectly.

— Max



5 thoughts on “No Hud in Far Cry 3”

  1. And the reason you didn’t bother to tell us how to really hide the hud is ….

    I give up. Why didn’t you tell us?

    1. I did put a post-it on the screen until the next day when I found the (PC) ‘no hud fix’ as outlined in the orange ‘real fix’ text. Dunno what the prob is really. You can read it all in the text. The ‘no hud fix’ is still PC only so console players have to default to the post-it I’m afraid.

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