Far Cry 3 ‘Infinite Hunter’

Do you play Far Cry 3? If you don’t you should, because it is a great free roam game. This is what I said before in No hud in Far Cry 3. Well, I’m still playing this game on PC. Better, I have restarted the game and I have created an ‘Infinite Hunter’ environment. The idea is to always have the whole (first) island as hunting playground available. Not only with the wildlife but also with the enemy pirates.

The main game lets you take over enemy outposts, etc. but once you have done that there is no enemy anymore to battle with in that, now free, area. But the free roam battles with enemies and wildlife is what is so much fun in this game, because frankly, the AI is really fun/good. They are not godlike but they aren’t completely stupid either. They are beatable. Yes, I hear you, you are saying that they are not so good, that you can beat them easily. True, that is why you should start to play UNDERPOWERED, that is why you should play in NOHUD mode, that is why you should play on the HARDEST difficulty setting, and that is why you should play with a TO-NOT-BE-KILLED attitude (a.k.a. ‘permadeath’).

Just put you virtual life on the line and see how far you can go. I tell you, even 3 simple Dingo dogs can become a real threat. Yeah you’ve killed those dogs but your gunfire alarmed a passing jeep with 3 pirates, and you’ve just ran out of ammo on those dogs with only your handbow available. So, will you take on those 3 pirates? … Because if you die, you know, you are back at base, and you have to start all over again (what a shame if you have just roamed around for 1,5 hours and have advanced miles into enemy country).

‘Infinite Hunter’ sets up the game as a constant free roam battlefield. So, start a NEW GAME with the following rules:

– NOHUD (and no sound aid)
– NO unlocks (except the first few to get the game going: 2 skills (takedown & slide), 1 radiotower)
– DONT take over outposts! (Attack yes, but do NOT takeover)
– DONT unlock radiotowers (Just stick to your base (you have 2 bases btw))
– LIMITED health (max 5 syringes)
– NO other skills
– NO other crafts
– NO upgrades
– FEW customisations to weapons

Allow for:

– 4 weapon slots
– Wallet upgrades
– Loot carry upgrades

Now the battlefield is ready. Go in UNDERPOWERED, e.g. take a handbow and pistol and set yourself a goal like steel a sniper rifle in an outpost and get back to base alive. Or just free roam and do what you like. But remember, keep it UNDERPOWERED, and take risks just ‘on the edge’ … in short, just play and have fun with the AI in this fantastic world UBI has created for you. It is a fun setting. For me Far Cry 3 is the top game of 2012. I have burned 30+ hours into the single player, most of this just free roaming and having fun.

Tip: When you have prepped the ‘Infinite Hunter’ setup you better make a backup of the save file(s). In case you ‘accidentally’ take over an outpost by being a bit too agressive or e.g. when you had some unexpected ‘help’ from a tiger:) Because after nearly every completed action (e.g. take over an outpost) the game will autosave, and gone is your ‘Infinite Hunter’ setup. The save files are to be found in the C:\ProgramData\Orbit\46 directory. Just copy those to a backup location and restore the one containing the ‘Infinite Hunter’ setup in case you have to revert. After some sessions when you have accumulated more money, etc you can make another backup as to have a newer ‘revert’ point avaiable. Anyway, you get the idea.

Score: 10/10

— Max

Infinite Hunter (Far Cry 3)


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2 thoughts on “Far Cry 3 ‘Infinite Hunter’”

  1. Fantastic Idea, i think a hardcore mode may be a little hardcore if you can get shot from fuck knows where and then rage because you’ve just lost your character to bullshit. But still I love this kind of stuff so good job. :)

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