Negative Overdrive – Part 4 (Remixed)

Part 4 (Finale) of the Synthesizer Suite ‘Negative Overdrive’, remixed. Starship ‘Orion’ is on a crash trajectory with a massive black hole. The gravitational tidal waves nearly rip the ship apart and all onboard control systems go into ‘overload warning’ mode.

I took the ‘Finale’ part of the original recording and experimented with several layers of (parts of) this recording, applying filters, effects and such to create a musical soundscape which envisions what happens when you’d fall prey of a black hole, translated into music. The bass ‘waves’ represent the gravitational ‘tidal waves’ ripping the ship apart. The sequenced melody lines represent all warning lights going beserk when the control system of the ship detects the ship endangering graviational forces. Somehow the ships and you survive.

— Max


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