Sell 6 hours of my life to the devil?

Boulevard Périphérique20 years ago, when my girlfriend lived in France I went many a weekend to her. Friday after work, around 18.00h, I started my 7 hour, 800 km car trip to her place. Fighting against the sleep and boredom of the highways (btw, I always was glad to pass and drive through Paris, the ‘Boulevard Périphérique’, because the hefty traffic activity woke me up, adrenaline rush and all;) Anyway, I once had the following interesting thought while still hours (say 6 hours) away from my girlfriend. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to be asleep, and wake up on arrival. Ok, I would ‘loose’ 6 hours of my life to sleep, but I would also avoid the highway boredom, the endless dark roads, the fatigue … and Paris. I did sharpen the question even more to ‘would I give up 6 hours of my life to instantly be with my girlfriend’, the idea being that time simply would be fast forwarded 6 hours. Or in other words:

Would I sell 6 hours of my life to the devil, to have devilish pleasures early? (there were reasons why I went there;)

But I decided against the ‘proposal’. Somehow, in the back of my mind, it didn’t seem like a good idea after all. Sure, 6 hours of boring darkness ahead, but who knows what would turn up in those 6 hours? Radio programs, traffic jams, ‘interesting’ people at a patrol stations, coffee from a machine, the lights of Paris, the stars in the sky, the thoughts in my head … and my girl friend waiting at the end?

Hmm … I straightened my back, turned up the volume of the radio, zipped by the city of Lille with Paris ahead. Patience is a virtue and Life is precious. Enjoy every minute, even the most tiresome and boring. So, keep your eyes on the road, traveller, and don’t fall asleep;)

— Max


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