Lightroom 4 – Restoring an old family picture to glory

Some pictures are valuable treasures. E.g. old photo’s with people long forgotten. They deserve a special treatment and loving care. When you hit upon a really special picure you try your best to get the most out of it. To restore glory. Here I have a digital photo made years ago, taken from a family picture found in an old album. The camera used (by my father) was not high spec’d. 3 MP, and the quality of the shot in JPG, is not optimal. But with the aid of Lightroom 4 I could revive the picture and boost it to former glory.

The trick is to optimize the histogram, without losing any details. Luckily the shot wasn’t too overexposed so with the help of reducing the highlights, and on the dark side of the histogram upping the black levels, the picture becomes alive. I decided to leave a trace of sepia to retain the ‘old’ feeling. I also applied some gradient. Check how much the faces are improved.


Family (original)

Before procressing with Lightroom 4 (check the histogram)

Lightroom (original)

After procressing with Lightroom 4 (check the histogram and the sliders)

Lightroom (processed)

The final result

Family (processed)

— Max


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