StockLite custom mod greatly extends battery life of my Samsung Galaxy Ace

SC20130211-173207It like to get rid of stuff I don’t need. Very pratical. Less things to ‘worry about’. This pratice works especially well with devices like a PC. Keep the installed stuff to a minimum and the thing has less to ‘worry about’ and will perform better. Same for a smartphone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone, running Android. When you buy this phone it comes with a lot of Samsung and Android stuff preloaded … some of which I do not use. But, how to remove the stuff I don’t need? It is my first smartphone, so I was not directly able to tidy up the device because that preloaded stuff can’t be deleted. Unless … you hack the thing. Hacking means ‘rooting’ the device and perhaps even installing ‘custom mods’.

I learned both tricks in the past few months and ‘rooted’ AND ‘modded’ my Ace. In my search for a way to get rid of as much stuff as possible I stumbled on the StockLite custom mod amongst the myriad of custom mods available. I installed the mod, and after a short time of getting used to it (first day, I was not convinced) I really do love this mod and other ‘root’ apps like Link2SD.

I now have a Galaxy Ace which is ultra tidy. Just to my liking.

The insufficient memory problem has gone (Link2SD) and the battery life has greatly improved (StockLite). Last week it did run out of battery juice only after 6.5(!) DAYS … where 1 day is the normal situation with most smartphone users.

The secret not only lies in the StockLite custom mod (Iirc this mod has some battery enhancer or something) but also in sensible use of the phone. I only use Wifi when I need it. I only use the Phone when I need it. I only use Data when I need it. So, e.g. at night I put the Ace in ‘Airplane mode’ etc.

But … 6.5 DAYS?? Well done, my little ‘Ace’:)

StockLite review score: 10/10

— Max

SC20130210-125822 SC20130211-173214 SC20130210-125828


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