Lightroom 4 – Restoring my dream to glory

Some pictures are valuable treasures. I said this in another post. Old photo’s with people long forgotten or as in this picture ‘the girl of my dreams’. Such pictures deserve a special treatment and loving care trying your best to get the most out of it. To restore glory. In this case I had a color print of 45x30cm. I just took a picture with my Nikon D5100 and kit lens and processed it in Lightroom 4. The trick is to optimize the histogram, without losing any details. I decided to go black & white, which often give a more ‘photo feel’.


Dream original

Processing with Lightroom 4 (check the histogram and sliders)

Dream Lightroom

The final result, my ‘dream’, an eternal smile, shot 20 years ago, transported to and remastered in 2013. Beautiful as ever.

Eternal Dream

— Max


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