Fog caught with a crappy smartphone

Fog caught with a crappy smartphoneThis time I was not biking but walking and saw this very colorfull grey sky rainbow row of trees. But no camera. Oh, wait, I had my Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone which comes with a camera. I wished for a better camera but sometimes you have to do with what you’ve got. I did not have much, but you can’t say I didn’t try:) Panoramic Sshot, 321 images, taken with Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone (20123;)

4 thoughts on “Fog caught with a crappy smartphone

  1. It still came out quite well, you could do a lot with it, but I know what you mean about the cameras on phones. They can be limiting, I often find it depends on how many times you have dropped them, haha. I have the Galaxy S3 and the camera isn’t bad, but I can’t get the images off my phone, must investigate that.

    1. Thx Leanne. Of course ‘crappy’ is teasing the little bugger, because the Ace is doing its very best;)

      Btw, images off your phone? To your pc? If all fails, why not emailing them to yourself (if it is a few pics that is an ok method) or perhaps the ‘Airdroid’ app (or a filemanager connecting to your network, if you have any that is)

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