The mysterious case of the ‘Chevaline Killings’

The Chevaline KillingsThe ‘Chevaline Killings’ has to be the most notorious European murder case of 2012. 3 british tourists and 1 local french biker were shot dead on a remote parking spot in the woods near Chevaline (Annecy, France). 2 little girls survived the killing. The murder case left the public and the investigators baffled. Who? Why? It is thought that the killing was performed by one single killer using a classic gun (possibly a pre WW2 Luger). Up to this moment there appears to be no clue to the who and why, although most focus does go out to the ‘UK’ side of the killing. Yet, it remains a mystery. I like to delve into this kind of ‘puzzle’, and have found some other folks from around the world to contemplate about this bizarre murder case. To keep track of the very few known facts, I have cut out some pieces of paper, each with a single ‘fact’ written on it, and try to arrange them in such a way that all ‘facts’ do ‘fit’. The problem is that the public does not know all the facts, and on top of that, the journalism around this case contains many errors and/or misinterpretations. Still … the puzzle in itself is a ‘masterpiece’. It sure beats the daily ‘Sudoku’;) Shot with Nikon D5100 AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G VR, 34 mm, f/5, ISO 400, 1/80 sec, 0.00 eV, RAW (2013)


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