6 thoughts on “The dunes of Soest

  1. That looks like fun, under that mighty sun (looking really big because of the clipping/dynamic) and next to this great multiple leg tree! Winter, knobby trees, panoramic view, … things I like leading to a nice atmosphere/winter feeling! ^^

    1. Thx. Yup, posting a ‘winter’ picture in september is a bit odd. But when scrolling through my collection this (panoramic) image came along, and I had a go at it. It is a ‘classic soesterduinen’ shot. Around here we all know this tree:)

  2. Don’t think it’s odd! I always liked winter and I’m always hoping for new snow records. Love to get the feeling of surrounding white walls, like experienced as small child. Today there has to be much more snow to get the same feeling! ;) And I myself have posted many snowy winter pics during summer to some galleries, not only because I like snowscapes but always needing time to post process, too. I never was aware of a famous tree around my places (moved few times anyway), but sometimes the simplest fruit tree may also look knobby and like a fairy tale. Here‘s an example of one of my favorite tree photographs. But I guess my photographs are less emotional since I usually have no people inside … always concentrated on static landscapes.

      1. Thank you! :D Successfully posted despite german language! Already wondered where you come from … and where this tree and all the people around live. Soest … Netherlands, right?

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