Cow market (India)

Cow market (India)Now this is interesting. My wife went on a holiday trip to India with her mother. I gave her a cheap compact camera to ‘take pictures’ because those will be better than her mobile smartphone pictures. Not expecting my wife to shoot 700+ pictures in 12 days, lol, she never takes pictures but she obviously loved to snap ‘India’. Anyway, this cheap $80 Olympus VR 340 camera produced some neat pictures. In fact my wife, more or less by accident, made a few pictures which I could stitch as ‘panorama’. The cow market. Using Photoshop to stitch and Lightroom 5 to enhance, the result is excellent. Panoramic shot (2 images) with Olympus VR 340, 10 mm (57 mm on 35 mm scale), f/4.5, ISO 100, 1/640 sec, JPG, Lightroom 5 (Sarah, India, 2013)


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