Battlefield 4 Premium but can’t find “China Rising” and “Second Assault”? (Xbox One)

bf4_dlc_installingI have an Xbox One and I am currently playing Battlefield 4. I decided to buy the Premium DLC to enjoy China Rising, etc. Buying the DLC was no problem, but the DLC stuff (MP maps) didn’t show up, or were not playable. It appeared that while I had purchased them I had NOT downloaded them. I had expected that upon buying, the download would be an automatic process, but no, it seems you have to download CR and SA yourself. It took some google search to find this post … which offers a solution to the problem which many DLC buyers have encountered. So … how to download the stuff you’ve just bought? Well, read that forum post or do what I did:

1. On your Xbox One, goto Store
2. Search ‘BF4’
3. Select the add-on BF4 ‘China Rising’ tile
4. Click ‘Install’
5. Do the same for ‘Second Assault’

Now you are downloading the stuff you’ve bought. After the downloads are finished you can enjoy the new maps:)

– Max

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12 Responses to Battlefield 4 Premium but can’t find “China Rising” and “Second Assault”? (Xbox One)

  1. anon says:

    thanks this helped me!

  2. Baron says:

    thanks, bloody stupid that you have to dig around like this to find out, it was annoying me this weekend that I had bought premium ‘ had’ 2nd assault but could’t play it. cheer!

  3. Liru says:

    its out but not in the store, and cant find SA anywhere atm even though its feb. 18 and i am premium

  4. ahhclay says:

    Thank You, bought Premium to play and was like “WTH” It is extremely stupid how the X1 doesn’t automatically download games. This new console was 359 steps backwards. lol. Once again thank you. Add me and we will play some day. GT: Garrnet ;)

  5. The Descent says:

    Thank you for this! I have a PS4 and I was about to lose my shit when it said I did have the necessary DCLs. Thank god I found this!

  6. Max says:

    Have fun playing:)

  7. Christian says:


  8. jamiec1026 says:

    Damn Brother- I owe you lunch…I was about to seriously pop a gasket…many thanks for saving my sanity

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