What happened to Malaysia Flight MH370?

MH370_missing_08032014_840_560_100Malaysia Flight MH370 went straight for the south pole. Why? Because X himself jumped out and had to send the plane somewhere. He choose the south pole.

Below, I will talk about this in a little bit more detail

The disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370 is a true mystery. MH370 and the 239 people on board disappeared less than an hour after the Beijing-bound flight left Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12h41 on March 8, 2014. To solve mysteries it can be useful to start at the end. It is now assumed MH370 crashed into the Indian ocean due to running out of fuel. I start with the question ‘What was MH370 doing there?’ I start at the END, and work backwards because sometimes that is easier:)

To me, the run out of fuel crash indicates that the person in control of the plane (lets call him X) lost control over the plane somewhere between the last turn the plane made and the crash site. To fly into nowhere land and be sure to crash due to running out of fuel indicates that … X lost (or gave up) control of the plane hours before the crash. Otherwise X would surely have attempted to get back to the main land to perform an emergency landing. So, WHY this course into nowhere land? What scenario would be in place? In other words:

What was MH370 doing above the Indian ocean?

I think X had a plan.

The last communication with MH370 was as below:

01:01:14 MAS370 Malaysian Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero
01:01:19 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero
01:07:55 MAS370 Malaysian...Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero
01:08:00 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero
01:19:24 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120 decimal 9 Good Night
01:19:29 MAS370 Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero

Just after ATC signed off, the plane supposedly did some strange manoeuvrings. Suppose X wanted to ‘do’ something. X would be wise to ‘do’ that something when nobody was watching anymore, so X would wait until ATC signed off. X would then have some time before anyone was expecting him back into communication.

Anyway, in the end we find MH370 crashing into the Indian ocean.

When I looked at the globe it hit me that the course looked like being towards the south pole. Hmmmm. And I mean, EXACTLY towards the south pole. That, to me, is a clue. Did X setup a course into nowhere land to make MH370 crash due to no fuel (far away from land)? Possibly. If so, which course would X choose? Well, I guess he choose something ‘nice’ and so X programmed the most elegant destination course for MH370 he could think of, namely … The south pole!

If they ever find the black box and discover that the last course was exactly to the south pole, the investigators first will wonder ‘WHY’ this was set as such, and then they will realize it is the signature of killer X. They will know it was all premeditated … but who is X, and why did he do it?

As said, I’m sure X had a plan.

This was the plan to steal stuff:

1. Program the route (to buy time for step 5-7)
2. Wait until ATC signs off (01:19:29 MAS370 Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero)
3. Turn off radar/tracking stuff
4. Kill passengers (altitude, depressurize stuff)
5. Enter the cargo bay
6. Get the stuff
7. Jump out (when over drop zone)
8. Plane crashes after hours due to no fuel (as far away as possible from land, with course EXACTLY set for the south pole)

X = Pilot(s), they wanted the stuff, and they took parachutes (possibly in the cargo bay)

Read on here: https://deadzone61.wordpress.com/tck-forum-public/comment-page-38/#comment-14042

Important clue: http://jeffwise.net/2014/11/07/mh370-evidence-points-to-sophisticated-hijackers/comment-page-1/

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_370

More info (july 2016):  http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/07/mh370-pilot-flew-suicide-route-on-home-simulator.html

Update july 2016: BelowMH370’s presumed flight path is in yellow. Zaharie’s simulated suicide flight is in red.


3 thoughts on “What happened to Malaysia Flight MH370?”

  1. If there was something worth stealing in such a complex way, the cargo manifest would show it. Besides, it looks like they will never find the thing anyway.

    1. Hi Ron, true. It is just my interpretation of this mystery. My fun is to start with the end, and work backwards. Most people try to find the plane. I’m more wondering why it was there … and where it would be in case of unlimited fuel. But you are right, the further away the plane crashed, the more difficult it is to find it and to retrieve the black box. I like to think that this was done on purpose by X. I don’t think they will be able to find the plane/blackbox … and thus there is a good chance that the fate of MH370 will remain a mystery.

      1. It seems pretty clear nobody was at the controls and the aircraft continued on autopilot. Whether those in control jumped out or died, may never be known.

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