Destiny – A little bit of Ether hunt

I have now played 15 hours of Destiny. Enjoyed it every minute. I played it alone, coop with friends, and even coop with total strangers. All fun, all butter smooth, all working flawlessly out-of-the-box from day 1. I have also started with PvP Crucible. 45 Euro / 15 hours = 3 Euro/h which is starting to look good. I’m also pretty sure (again) that a lot of ‘reviewers’ are simply dumb, albeit fashionable, sheep. Some sad guy gives a 7 or less, and the rest follows because they don’t dare to admit they are playing a fun game. No, they go ‘Let me be interesting, I want my ego boosted so lets give Destiny a 6/10’. Dumb sheep:) The hype? The masses themselves created the hype! No surprise, because that is the same ‘sheep effect’ in play.

And those clowns who start talking about how they not-like Destiny, and where the next one tries to outdo the previous not-liker. Hahaha lol. Oh, they so desperately need to be inside the not-like-Destiny entourage, because, yup, otherwise they’d be laughed at. You like Destiny? Are you gay or something? Check this ‘review’. Hahaha, even the writer admits he can’t put down the game, but scores it with a 6/10. So spoiled, they can’t even give an 8/10 or 9/10 to a game game they obviously like. To me, I’m more straightforward AND honest. I can’t put the game down, so I give a 9/10. Simple:) … Oh, do so check the clowns, or should I say snobs, like here in the article and the comment section

Me, I’m playing the heck out of Destiny. I’m not a sheep and I don’t want to become one:)

Score: 9/10

And now for some Ether hunt (little side mission)


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