Who is Mr. Gold in the movie ‘Revolver’?

Revolver (2005)About halfway into the movie, it is revealed that ‘No one sees Gold, but Gold sees everything’. Mr. Gold stands for Consciousness. The invisible Gold runs everything. Jake Green (you) doesn’t know this in the beginning of the movie. He is not conscious of Gold (himself). During the movie, Jake slowly realizes his real position. He becomes conscious of Gold. Matters are run by Gold. Jake is run by Gold, but so are the others. Everytime Jake thinks he is in control, something comes up to show him that this is not the case. In the end, Jake is beaten by Avi in a chess game, a final hint that Jake is not, and never was in control. It is Gold who is in control. Jake still has to unravel this. He is stripped down from everything he has (like money, life, control, etc.) and he has to face all his ‘enemies’ of which Dorothy Macha is the biggest enemy. In reality, Macha is also run by Gold (note: At one point Macha is saying ‘This is Sam Gold I’ve found myself chained to, Mr Black Magic, Mr I-run-this-game Gold’). Avi, a messenger from Gold (note: In the movie the characters wonder ‘Even Gold does not touch Avi. Why?’), says ‘Time for that meeting, give him, Macha, what he wants’. Jake needs to do this final test. To see reality through all fake (as in play, not real) thought patterns. Is Macha in control, stronger than Jake, or will Gold finally ‘reveal’ himself? Macha is threatening Jake’s niece at gunpoint. Which is Gold’s ultimate play/trick to see if Jake falls for this. But Jake does nothing, he has realized that Gold runs the show, so he doesn’t interfere anymore with Golds play. He doesn’t have to interfere because he can’t interfere, and he never could interfere. The other way around, it is Gold’s play that Jake stands there doing nothing and Macha crumbles. It is Gold’s grace that the truth is finally revealed to Jake. Jake and Gold, and Macha for that matter, are one. But Macha isn’t needed anymore, because the truth about Macha, and the old Jake, is exposed. Macha and Jake are run by the grace of Gold, are (playful) creations of Gold. Macha kills himself and the movie ends.

The point is that Mr. Gold was, is and always will be running the show. Whatever the contents of the show is. It is the invisible Gold who runs the show, and at the same time is playing to be Jake and Macha and all the ‘supporting cast’. Gold’s show is so convincing that he forgets he is Gold and starts to believe in his creations Jake and Macha. All for the sake of playing. The better the forgetting, the more real the show seems to be. Subtle hints, from Gold to Jake (in reality from Gold to himself) are needed to remind what the real situation is. In the end, Jake is enlightened and has ‘realized’ himself as Gold. Macha, the imaginary enemy, is ‘dead’, and so is the old Jake. Of course, leave one letter out, and things become more clear. Leave out the ‘L’ in Gold and you get God:)

(It is possible that my explanation is different from what Guy Ritchie had in mind, but in that case I guess it is for Mr. Gold to clear this up. Btw, funny, the way of Gold was that I was hinted on, the existence of, this movie by some remark by some guy. It took me no time to find and torrent it, but I shelved it for 2 years. There is no other way.)

Revolver. A truly great movie. (imdb)

Score: 10/10

6 thoughts on “Who is Mr. Gold in the movie ‘Revolver’?

  1. This isn’t at all true. The film is a representation of the Ego’s control over the mind using chess (strategy) as an analogy. It stems from Kabbalah teachings, and Zach, Green, and Avi being the left, central and right pillars of faith. Look further into it…..

      1. I think he is the Ego himself. He is the master and creator of this “human” world. Remenber what Avi told Mr Green on the roof (“Diamonds scene”).

        1. I have derived (for myself, long after that blog post) what I call ‘The God Formula’ read here … https://maxqubit.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/the-god-formula/

          The ‘Holy Trinity’ is Creativity-Creator-Creation (Creator-Creation duality made of Creativity unity), it also could be expressed as the Trinity Consciouness-Knower-Known, or even as the Trinity Consciouness-I-TheWorld

          In the movie we have ‘No one sees Gold, but Gold sees everything’. This translates to Gold being the Knower (I), and Everything being the Known (TheWorld). Thus Gold=Creator/Knower/I

          Sure, Gold=I and if we say this I is the Ego, then ok. But this is not the Ego that has to be destroyed!

          Remember, Gold is the Creator ‘aspect’ of the Trinity Creativity-Creator-Creation. That Creator we usually associate with God. God is an ‘aspect’ of the Trinity. God is the I within us. God is our ‘internal quality’, The World is our ‘external quality’.

          But this is all elementary stuff. The only thing which is of importance is to really understand Nothing … from that everything can be derived. See https://maxqubit.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/the-god-formula/ Finally understanding ‘Nothing’ happened to me at the age of 55, after a 13 year search. How did I know that ‘Nothing’ was the final answer? Simply because I felt/realized my search had ended. I didn’t search anymore, and thus the answer had been found. What was the answer? To my great surprise the answer was Nothing … It took me another year to fully understand this answer. As expressed in said ‘God Formula’. After I had written that down my journey was over. There was Nothing more to do, there was Nothing more to search for, and I realized that Nothing had changed. That was my biggest surprise. Nothing had changed (You see, we all use this word Nothing, but what Is Nothing? That is the question:)

          A long answer. I hope it didn’t bore you:)


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