Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare … and Lag

Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareI’m staying away from the technical ‘lag’ discussion. But I have the impression that gamers with the highest k/d ratio’s are complaining the most about lag … probably because it hurts their precious k/d ratio. Yet, I think a lot of times it is not the lag … but those gamers are in fact less good than they think they are. They make the thinking mistake that the other side are simply cannon fodder, which they aren’t, they want to make kills just as much as you do. The posted video (see call-of-duty-advance-warfare-refocus) is case in point. I was 12-2 down, and quite pissed about that, so I took a deep breath and refocused … now the other team could argue that, from then on, they had lag or that ‘those bastards are camping’ or other pity full excuses. But in reality I just refocused:)

Lag is like the wind in a soccer match. Sometimes you have to play against the wind, but at other times you have the wind in the back, helping you. And there are times when there is no wind. I never heard a gamer complain when he had the advantage of lag, nope, then he starts to say ‘Look at my k/d, I am really good’. But boy, when the lag goes against him, there is no end to the whining:)

(but as said, I’m not gonna discuss ‘lag’ … it is an endless discussion)


2 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare … and Lag”

  1. I don’t know about the situation on the XO (but the internet is full of complaints across all platforms) but on the 360 there is no question about lag as a game breaking issue, as I said on Fb, it’s stuttering, freeze, you shoot, no effect, get killed and after (!) you respawn…you get the points for a kill!?!?! It’s not acceptable simple as that, they make billions from selling this game series and don’t want to invest in dedicated servers – that’s greed destroying the whole franchise. And regarding complaints when you rock – well we do complain…my wife always says when she is leading…”hey, I’m now the one lucky guy on GOD MODE!” – this P2P system even kills the fun if you have good results…

  2. Well, you saw the video and that is how (most of) my matches played out. As said, I have noticed a few matches with mild stuttering, and I remember 1 occasion where I encountered ridiculous lag (emptied a full mag into a guy and he walked like he was god) but that session I left instantly. I’d say that, up to now, 80+% of the matches were fine.

    But sure, if the lag in unbearable, that it is no fun

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