Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Double kill

The difference between 2 kills and a double kill. Performing a double kill is not straightforward. I tend to burst shoot, but making 2 kills with 2 bursts doesn’t count as a double kill, even if the kills are very close in time. 2 kills in one (longer) burst DOES count as a double kill. In this video you see a perfect example. A double kill. A few seconds later I again kill 2 guys, but this time with 2 bursts (and thus not counting as a double kill)

Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Platform: Xbox One
Game mode: TDM hardcore
Weapon: Bal-27 + Silencer + Quick draw + Foregrip


4 thoughts on “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Double kill”

  1. Not to mention that for say I got 2 double kill medals in my last match yet was only awarded one with the current weapon. Just like I got 2 headshots the match before and even got a message “perform 10 headshots with this weapon” then when I went back and looked it only had me improving to 9 headshots. The game is glitched just like any other call of duty game.

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