Just do your own thing

je-suis-charlieThings get hypocritcal very quickly, not the least by the media themselves. They, after all, live on news. And news most often means bad news.

But hey … that now exactly IS CHARLIE … Charlie after all stands for freedom (of speech, of what you do or whatever). Quite easy to say ‘Je suis Charlie’ … yup, but in reality it is damned difficult to live by.

So, if one guy is laughing and the other trying to get in the front row, and the news is reporting this in full, whatever … that IS freedom. So let them do their thing. That, imho is the real spirit of Charlie. Let people do their thing.

The Charlie killers didn’t let Charlie do ‘their thing’. But of course Charlie didn’t let the pope or some iman do ‘their thing’. Nobody lets the other do ‘their thing’ … and that is the trouble. Very subtle.

That is (being) the one side of a coin. But you should be (and you are) the whole coin. So, be careful when you choose a side:)

There are a lot of ways to this one coin (which you already are), but with many a divine (seemingly wrong) deviation. I take my inspiration from Advaita Vedanta. I stumbled on this over 10 years back, struggling to find out what all is about. Advaita Vedanta gave me a way to look at things. Your way might be different. In the end it is all Gods (Allah’s, Brahmas, whatever) work so nothing is lost … in the end. But in the between time things can look quite terrible.

Just do your own thing;)


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