Rainbow Six : Siege Beta (Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt)

I’m already playing and enjoying the Rainbow Six : Siege Beta (on Xbox). Here I play Terrorist Hunt in Lone Wolf mode. Me versus 26 terrorists (difficulty setting Hard)

Note : I made this video by joining 2 source mp4 from xboxclips.com and adding some texts and transitions. I used the YouTube online video editor. So the whole (simple) video was made without any local installed software. Which is pretty ok:)

My Xbox clips : http://xboxclips.com/Max+Qubit

4 Codes for the beta (Xbox) which is extended to october 4th


For comparison I’ll add some old classic Rainbow Six TH which can be found on YouTube

Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow Terrorist Hunt (Xbox, 2004)

Rainbow Six: Vegas Terrorist Hunt (360, 2006)

Rainbow Six: Siege Terrorist Hunt (Xbox One, 2015)


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