Far Cry 4


3 thoughts on “Far Cry 4”

  1. Fantastic capture of a tense gaming moment…but I wonder how to experience such a moment in this game. FC4 sits on my shelf because I gave up after a few sessions. No matter where I go, these nonsense karma events start and kill the atmo, you know these shooting and yelling guys that pop up everywhere… :/

    Btw we are waiting for a 1 Tb PS4 CUH-1216B (new hardware) to arrive…nice price at Amazon Cyber Monday week, 319€ :)

    1. Hi Andreas, Yes these Karma moments are stupid, just like many other things. What I have learned from FC3 I try to do here in FC4 (I have just started the game). I go in with this:

      1. Difficulty Hard
      2. Every HUD element OFF
      3. No leveling up. Go in underpowered. I like to use the bow:)

      Good luck with the PS4

      Btw, do you intend to play RB6 Siege? I think Terrorist Hunt is very good in coop. Tense and teamwork.

      1. This constant yelling and shooting killed the game for me, first time I spent 60€ and have the game sit on the shelf because of one annoying game element. FC3 was awesome and I expected more of the same but the karma yelling was what I got :/

        Yeah, excited to see what the PS4 has to offer, it’s my first Playstation, but this generation the PS4 clearly is the leading platform, more powerful than the XO and 30+ Million units sold, seems a safe bet to play on this side of the spectrum. ;)

        R6Siege is not on our radar currently, doesn’t offer enough for the full price so perhaps later at GOTY level or low budget.

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