Hymn for Walter (Theme)

Look, I really don’t care what others think of my music. I play for the sake of playing, not to make money or become famous. So when I recorded the Hymn for Walter and uploaded it to YouTube, I already expected next to no views, let alone likes:) But that really makes no difference to me. I play, no matter what. It was Larry Ludwick who phrased it perfectly. He said ‘Just believe in your own music’. What wise words! So, when I torture virtual synths, or gently play the piano, or even have tunes in my head nobody else hears … I do believe in my music. 100% uncompromising stuff. You may listen, if you want. But no talking, no opinions. Because talk and opinions is not music. Music only can be played live, and at that ‘live moment’ you can not talk or have opinions, you only can play, or listen. Playing is what I do, and love … and sometimes I hit the record button and upload it to YouTube and WordPress … for fun. My own fun:)

Anyway, to explain Hymn for Walter. To make it more accessible for others, I recorded the theme on piano. The theme is rock solid. You can do whatever you want with a theme. In my head, undetectable for others, the theme is played by symphonic orchestras, sung by choirs, performed on grand pianos, played on church organs, hammered away by rock bands or used as movie scores. But … that is in my head. You just hear 1 minute of simple piano playing.

— Max


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