Still to become trendy …

Record players, lp’s, analog photo camera’s with black & white 35 mm film … Sure, they are trendy. But what about this. I haven’t moved and might suddenly be outpacing the trendy people with my perfect analog Philips tv still going strong. I always have found the digital flatscreen tv’s cold and without life. Like watching a computer monitor. Well it is one isn’t it. Nothing against monitors, I use them for computer work, for gaming, for photography even. But … watching tv, it never feels the same on a digital screen. I doubted about plasma. Anyway, the analog feeling seems gone. So, I ended up postponing the switch to digital tv. Always with the excuses that ‘Once the old tv fails I will buy a flatscreen’ … but the monster simply doesn’t give in, and it won’t be stolen too because it weighs a ton:)

The monster being a Philips model 28PW9761/01


Shot with Lumia 930


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