Hated acne, loved synths

Hated acne, loved synthsEarly 80’s. The arrival of affordable polyphonic synths. I was, and still am, fond of anything synths. So I was one of the first to buy a polyphonic synth once they were available through the dealer. No, the Korg Polysix featured on this picture was not mine. It belonged to a very good friend. He bought the Korg, and I went for Roland. I bought the Juno 60, because I preferred the stereo chorus over the effects unit the Polysix offered. Later I traded the Juno 60 for the über classic Yamaha DX 7 synth. Oh, and the acne? I hated it. The ‘Acne period’ spanned a good 10 years, from 17 to 27. Most of the time it was controllable but when it went out of control I felt terrible. Acne truly destroyed my self confidence at those moments. Scanned from photo with Lumia 930. Processed the DNG with Lightroom 5 and Silver Efex Pro 2 (1983)


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