The lovely body of the Nikon FE SLR camera

Test shotI bought a Bresson Single 180 degree Split Image Focus Focusing Screen For Nikon D60, just for fun. To put into my spare D60. Price USD $40. The idea is to mimic the old fashioned way of focusing. I was drawn into this when I bought a second hand Nikon FE SLR and some manual lenses 2 months ago. But if you put a manual lens on a D5100 or D40/60, which I all own, it can be difficult to focus. I learned that you can swap the ‘focus screen’ for a screen with the old style 180 degree split. So I took the risk and bought such a focus screen, produced by Bresson. It arrived today. Replacing the screen was not too hard (video) I must say, I’m impressed. It works, it’s fun and it seems like the focus is spot on (so the screen has been placed correctly). I made some test shots. The lovely body of the Nikon FE SLR camera. Shot with Nikon D60 + 50mm f/1.4 Ai-S lens (FX, manual). Camera settings 75 mm (due to crop factor 1.5), f/1.4, ISO 800, 1/40 sec, 0.00 eV. RAW processed with Lightroom 5 (2016)


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