Desire ( Spiritual Mathematics )

Buddha Union by Vishnu108Desire is a funny thing. A lot of people have said a lot of things about Desire. Want to read about it? Just use Google. I will say the following. To fill my blog. What is Desire? The answer is simple.

Desire is wishing for something which I don’t have at this moment.

Read that sentence again. Slowly. And see that there are 3 elements in there

– I
– This moment (Now)
– Wishing

As we can’t do anything about the Now, we are stuck with I and Wishing. But the ‘whishing’ is a spontaneous affair. It bubbles up and we can’t do anything about that either. So that leaves us with I. The center. Who experiences Desire? I do. I and Desire are two sides of the same coin. I am Desire.

I am Desire
Life = Desire to Be
Death = Desire to Not Be
I am beyond Life and Death

Spiritual Mathematics:)

~ Max

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