273 x 481 ( Synchronicity )

131313 131313I wanted to write a little blog post about ‘Believe’. And I planned to use a simple math problem to explain ‘Believe’. So, I sat down at the computer, pulled up Calculator and keyed in two 3 digit numbers, at random, in order to use them in my blog post. I keyed in 273 and 481. The math problem becoming 273 x 481 = ??? But when I entered the equals = … it gave me the answer 131313. And I was perplexed by the odds of the outcome. Because just earlier this day I made a fun screenshot which had those exact same numbers … 131313. You maybe can imagine my surprise of the ‘Synchronicity’. Anyway, I decided to tell this story, and do the ‘Believe’ blog post at a later time:)

Edit: This post relates to Vous allez tout savoir, maxqubit


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