Emulate Film

Emulate FilmThe thing with modern digital camera’s is that they take pictures sharp as hell. I have a IQ monster myself with the Sigma DP2 Merrill. But sharpness isn’t everything. A photo needs to be alive. It needs to express itself. Sharpness is just one of the methods. It is not the ultimate heaven of ‘a good photo’. Grain, for instance, is an opposite of sharpness. Grain is somewhat like Noise, but has its roots in analog film where you have the chemical ‘grain’. Emulate grain takes a digital picture back in time to the analog film days. It can be quite pleasing. I have started to like grain, esp. in black and white shots. But I don’t want to shy a way from using color. Here I shot Sarah and Charlie with my Sigma DP2. You will see it is not razor sharp although the Sigma DP’s are renowned for being sharp IQ monsters. The 1/15s exposure caused some blurriness. Does that matter? Not at all. It makes the photo breath of life. And when I run the flat RAW through DxO Filmpack 5 and emulate color film and grain you get the end result presented here. A ‘living picture’ without being distracted by things like razor sharpness. Shot with Sigma DP2 | Camera settings: 41 mm (fixed), 1/15 sec, f/2.8, ISO 200, 0.00 eV | RAW processed with Lightroom 5 and DxO Filmpack 5 (2016)


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