Trinity is like a Coin ( Spiritual Investigation )

Buddha Union by Vishnu108

Trinity is like a Coin

A Coin is made of Stuff and has 2 Sides


2 sides are Father and Son

1 stuff is Holy Spirit

Coin is Trinity of Holy Spirit, Father and Son


2 sides are Knower and the Known

1 stuff is Knowing

Coin is Trinity of Knowing, Knower and the Known


2 sides are Me and the World

1 stuff is Consciousness

Coin is Trinity of Consciousness, Me and the World


2 sides are Conscious and Self

1 stuff is Consciousness

Coin is Trinity of Consciousness, Conscious and Self


2 sides are Good and Bad

1 stuff is Thinking

Coin is Trinity of Thinking, Good and Bad


2 sides are Creator and Creation

1 stuff is Creativity

Coin is Trinity of Creativity, Creator and Creation


2 sides is Duality

1 stuff is Unity

Coin is Trinity of Duality + Unity


Now, the Ultimate Coin is as follows …

2 sides are Nothing and Everything


The Ultimate Coin is a one-sided Coin ( because Nothing is Nothing, and therefor can not be 1 side :)


What is the sound of one hand clapping ?

What is the value of a one-sided Coin ?


Spiritual Mystery :)

~ Max

Buddha Union by Vishnu108


2 thoughts on “Trinity is like a Coin ( Spiritual Investigation )”

  1. Finally, somebody else gets it. To see through the illusion of everything, you must become nothing but pure consciousness. Esotericism here in the West has it all wrong: Left-Hand Path of Sensuality or the Right-Hand Path of Rejection of all material things. The Middle Path is both and neither because it doesn’t pit polarities against each other. It seems that the Egyptian Mysteries were but a corruption of the Truth, free of illusion, for political gain. They began to hate the Nothingness of Source (in the form of Apep), and saw the Sun (the illusory Demiurge, Ra, Yaldaboath) as the conqueror of the nothing, splitting us into Duality consciousness by way of hating Nothing. This echoing down the corridors of time lead us to believe we need a ruler (symbolized by the Sun) to keep the peace, when, in reality, we all have the potential to Unite in Divinity as a whole yet again. All esoteric studies have been a corruption to unite us under another Sun King over the whole world, while a truthful analysis would put us all as equally worthy of cooperating together, under nothing. Complete peace would ensue with the presentation of the real truth of Nothing.

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