Time ( Spiritual Musing )

Buddha Union by Vishnu108Time is a funny thing. What is the purpose of Time? Well, if there is no Time, then there can not be a functional Consciousness.

Consciousness is not a ‘stand alone’ thing. Nope, Consciousness is a integral part of the Trinity Consciousness, Conscious and Self. I wrote about this Trinity. Trinity is like a coin. With 2 sides being Conscious and Self, ‘made’ of 1 ‘stuff’ being Consciousness. In order to Exist, it needs to know itself, it needs to be Self Conscious. Thus, the 2 sides need to ‘communicate’. The Trinity Consciousness, Conscious and Self needs a messenger. And that messenger is Light. Light ‘travels’ with the speed of light, C. I wrote about the speed of light C. C has an internal and an external quality. The internal quality of C knows no Time, yet the external quality of C does know Time. The internal quality of C is felt by the ‘stuff’ Consciousness. The external quality of C is felt by the 2 sides Conscious and Self. Because Self and Conscious ‘communicate’ with each other through the external quality of C, the communication takes time. Our memory only has relevance because there is Time. We ‘remember’ things from the past, and we ‘wonder’ about things in the future. Time. Without this Time effect there would be no Memory. This principle is the same for Self and Conscious. Being Self Conscious implies Time. And this needed Time is available through the external quality of C. Consciousness does provide the ‘messenger’ Light to the 2 sides Self and Conscious to ‘communicate’, but the ‘stuff’ Consciousness itself is does not need Time, knows no Time. Consciousness does this by using the internal quality of C which knows no Time.

Spiritual Musings :)

~ Max


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