The God Formula

The God Formula

N – Nothing
E – Everything

E = the Holy Trinity C

C – Creativity
C – Creator (The internal quality of Creativity)
C – Creation (The external quality of Creativity)


Nothing can not exist, (therefor only) Everything exists
The fundamental aspect of Everything is Creativity (otherwise there would be Nothing, but Nothing can not exist)
Creativity has 2 inseparable sides. Creator (internal) and Creation (external)
Creator is the ‘invisible hand’ of Creativity (the ‘expressing force’ of Creativity)
Creation is expressed Creativity (the ‘external result’ of this ‘internal invisible hand’)
In the western world we denote this ‘invisible hand’ with God


Creativity is always everywhere
The Creation is what we usually call ‘Everything’ (what we can see, hear, feel, touch, think, do, etc. The world including you and me)
The Creator aspect can only be realised as being the ‘internal aspect of Everything’ (in other words, it can not be seen)

~ Max

Buddha Union by Vishnu108


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